This natural fabric softener will soften and preserve your favourite garments. Gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, the formulation combines modern plant-based technology with naturally derived active ingredients. ItÕs respectful of your clothing and doesnÕt impact on our environment. Free from chlorine and bleach, itÕs suitable for the whole family: from your favourite bedding linens to your childrenÕs pyjamas. Preserving your garmentsÕ longevity, helping to reduce wrinkles and preserving the environment. It makes us very happy indeed. Use it in the washing machine (either on a full wash or a rinse cycle) or when washing your clothes by hand. Your clothes will feel softer after every use. Designed to improve your wellbeing. Made in England.


This product is Vegan, plant-based, hyoallergenic and safe on delecate clothing items

Size 500ml
Barcode # 5060370290093
Brand Norfolk Natural Living

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