And Here We Are

At And Here We Are they love, live and breathe letterpress printing, and it's a huge part of their business. But many of you might be wondering, just what is letterpress, exactly? What makes it so different from other kinds of printing, and why is it so special and cost a little more?

Letterpress printing involves pressing an inked surface onto paper, which can be adjusted to leave an impression. It's one of the oldest form of printing, but went out of fashion as better and faster technologies came onto the scene in recent decades. Most letterpresses are no longer in production, and they are harder and harder to come by. Their Heidelberg Windmill was made in 1970, our Vandercook SP-15 was produced in 1961, and our Chandler & Price Pilot press dates back to the early 1900s. They're BIG! And HEAVY!